About Us

Rockhampton Diesel Repairs

Rockhampton Diesel Repairs is a locally owned and operated company providing maintenance and repair solutions for your truck, trailer, plant and machinery needs. We provide professional outcomes to your problems, with a comprehensive fleet of service vehicles on the road. We can come directly to you and carry out repairs on-site, saving you time and money.

Rockhampton Diesel Repairs services Rockhampton and surrounding areas with scheduled servicing, minor and major repairs and break down services on demand. We specialise in heavy vehicle repair and fleet maintenance. We are committed to delivering an honest, reliable, quality service with down to earth communication.

Fleet Maintenance

Every fleet manager needs a reliable maintenance, service and repair partner.

  • Regular servicing of your fleet means less ‘down time’, lower unplanned maintenance expenses, lower fuel consumption and improved performance.
  • Any fleet – large or small, light or heavy vehicle, heavy plant and equipment – needs the right kind of service at the right time.
  • We offer a range of maintenance and repair services including servicing schedules, maintenance tasks and part management for your fleet.

"Expect quality workmanship with your experienced tradesmen".

Transport Industry

Our specialists have extensive experience in truck and trailer repairs. For every client, we are there, every step of the way with no short cuts. We want to make sure that you get the most out of what we offer because part of what we do is to maintain relationships with clients, as much as acquiring new ones.

When you have broken equipment, it costs you time and money. Whether it is a small or big job, we are the solution to all your worries. Our expert mechanics offer truck and trailer repair services that guarantee immediate diagnosis of the issue and professional handling of all stages for fixing it. One truck or a whole fleet, Rockhampton Diesel Repairs will take care of your vehicle through a comprehensive checklist and conduct all necessary servicing.

Civil & Mining Maintenance

With a growing fleet of field service vehicles, we are equipped to carry out all major and minor mechanical and scheduled maintenance on your site. This service is becoming increasingly popular as a cost effective way to carry out scheduled maintenance in the field.

We are committed to delivering honest, reliable, quality service with down to earth communication.

Corporate Vision

Rockhampton Diesel Repairs aims to be the choice provider for your heavy vehicle repairs and maintenance needs throughout Rockhampton and surrounding areas.

We also aim to develop trust, commitment and a common sense of purpose and success. Our company objective is customer focus, providing quality repairs and maintenance, customer satisfaction, understanding customer needs and to work in a complimentary and integrated manner with our clients and partners.

Quality Statement

Rockhampton Diesel Repairs is committed to providing clients with the confidence that their quality requirements will be exceeded. This commitment is fundamental to achieving our own strategic objective to “Exceed Client Expectations”. We are committed to providing the highest possible quality repairs and maintenance to our clients and any potential future clients.

Rockhampton Diesel Repairs is committed to continuous improvement in quality and meeting our strategic objective. Continuous improvement is the objective and obligation of every Rockhampton Diesel Repairs employee as quality is essential to the success of our business. Employees of Rockhampton Diesel Repairs will participate in the implementation of systems and play a proactive role in the continual improvement of our operations. The support of management and employees in honouring these commitments is a vital factor in ensuring the effectiveness of our quality system and reliability of our business.

Rockhampton Diesel Repairs will provide the necessary technical resources to ensure that our quality system is continually reviewed for improvement and that Rockhampton Diesel Repairs client objectives are exceeded.

To achieve the above, Rockhampton Diesel Repairs will:

  • Set project objectives that exceed our client's expectations and specified requirements
  • Develop procedures and documentation that result in consistently high standards
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Monitor and manage the performance of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Encourage input and communication between management and employees
  • Implement planning, training, monitoring, inspection and verification systems
  • Maintain a committed Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2008